Landmark Lodge No. 383 Free & Accepted Masons

Proudly Serving The Communities of Deltona, DeBary, Orange City, Enterprise, Lake Helen, Osteen & Unincorporated South West Volusia County, Florida

720 North Apache Circle, Deltona Florida 32725

A Brief History of Landmark Lodge No. 383 Free & Accepted Masons

In early 1981, Worshipful Charles R. McCarthy, a member of Saint Johns Lodge No. 37, Deland, FL, engaged in a conversation with Right Worshipful Harvey B. Eddy, the Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Florida, about the need for a Masonic Lodge in the Deltona area.

Right Worshipful Eddy realized that this would be a good opportunity for both Masonry and the Deltona area and he told Worshipful McCarthy to proceed with his plan. A meeting was called for those who were interested in creating a Lodge. Eighty-five Brothers showed interest, met and discussed the idea. The following acting Officers created the Lodge:

Worshipful Master, W:. Bernard C. Schlenk, a PM from Saint Johns Lodge No. 37.
Senior Warden, Bro. David E. Christy
Junior Warden, Bro. Gerald Goffen
Treasurer, Bro. James E. Tanner
Secretary, W:. Charles C. McCarthy

With this cadre, Landmark Lodge was launched. After many weeks of preparation and practice, Landmark appeared before the Committee on Work, and was found proficient in all three Degrees to become a Florida Lodge.

Most Worshipful James Roy Crowther, Grand Master of The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Florida, made Landmark Lodge Under Dispensation on the 2nd day of December, 1981. Ceremony was held at Saint Johns Lodge No. 37 in Deland, FL. With this Dispensation, Landmark Lodge was allowed to elect, initiate and advance new members.

At the May 1982 session of the Grand Lodge held in Jacksonville, FL, Landmark Lodge Under Dispensation (UD) was voted on, passed and assigned the number 383. On May 7, 1982 at the Grand Lodge Communication held in the Christian Church in Deltona, Landmark Lodge was Chartered. Among the members at the creation of Landmark were two very Distinguished Brothers, Most Worshipful Franklin Smith, Past Grand Master, and Right Worshipful Henry N. Scott. Both of these Brothers were Gold Card carriers. A Gold Card carrier was one of the requirements needed to receive a Charter from the Grand Lodge.

There are 51 Charter Members of Landmark Lodge No. 383, listed below:

Avallon, Alfred Alphonse

Belt, Verland Wendell

Brehm, Louis Edmund

Brenner, Harry Arthur

Brent, Albert George Edward

Brewster, Vernon Stanley

Bruce, Darwin Floyd

Christy, David Eugene

David, James Joseph

Dover, Garlyn Octavius

Elliott, Samuel

Faucher, George Lewis

Floyd, Robert Henry, Jr.

Fortner, Eugene Mitchell

Frankewicz, Leonard Alexander


Gilman, Ira Louis

Goffin, Gerald Edward

Hicks, Teddy Ross, Jr.

Hodges, Ronald Dixon, Jr.

Irving, Harry Duncan

Jackson, Guy Pirkle

Kennard, Ernest Spencer

Largen, Thomas Leland

Leonberg, Donald Clayton

Loch, William Frank

Lucas, James Winthrop

Lundquist, Carl Albert, Jr.

McBurney, Hollis Edward

McCarthy, Charles Richard

McNutt, Marvin


Meade, Clyde Kingstone

Metscher, Richard Fred

O’Kelly, Timothy Dirk

Perry, Edward Joseph

Phelan, Franklin George

Power, Joseph Ralph

Robards, James Chester, Sr.

Robinson, Jerry Mason

Sanberg, Adriaan Guert

Schlenk, Bernard Cavanaugh

Scott, Henry Nelson

Smith, Pat Scott

Sprague, Henry Williams

Stewart, Ross Allen

Tanner, James Edward


Tanner, James Edward

Thurmond, Philip Otha

Wagner, Paul Edward

Weinberg, Edwin Abraham

Williams, Don Rynard

Wirsching, Stanley Austin

Woesner, Harry Edwin

In March 1995, Landmark Lodge No. 383 moved into its own building. The building was dedicated by the Most Worshipful John R. Thomas.

And so the history of Landmark Lodge No. 383 continues…

Landmark Lodge No. 383 of Freemasonry

Proudly Serving The Communities of: Deltona, DeBary, Orange City, Enterprise, Lake Helen, Osteen & Unincorporated South West Volusia County, Florida

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